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Hello, I got problem with damaged laser diode. I want to replace but I am not sure what to buy. Good diode is working on 3V and current consumption is about 100mA. Also it has 7LBX B221 markings. It is 5.6mm version. It is part of Leica Lino L2 cross laser. (Red light, 635nm according to brochure of cross laser). Looking for model of diode. Thank you!

Leica is not the brand it used to be. I'd say this is just a fairly generic laser diode. Search for "635nm laser diode" on ebay or ali.
Make sure your have the same pins (do I see 3 pins in your pic?) and size (5.6mm).

Hello, thank yours response. How about output power?

It's almost certainly 5mW or less due to safety regulations. 100mA seems very high though, I would expect about half that. How did you measure the current?

I shorted on/off transistor and measured current. There is also control board at top of the diode, maybe it take part of current also. I will buy 5mW 3V diode. Thank you so much!


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