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LeCroy 25MHz HV Differential Probe Teardown / Repair

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Hey guys, I know there's been some talk about differential probes, and I managed to score a busted one off the 'bay. I tore it down and attempted a repair on my website


I haven't yet attempted calibration, curious to hear your suggestions.

This looks exactly like the BK Precision PR-60 and the Agilent N2791A probes. And same 25MHz, 700V spec and everything (it ain't Agilent nor Lecroy, would BK be the OEM?  :-//). In case you find service manuals for those or something. I do have the BK precision one, may open and see if they sanded off the chip ids. Looking at yours, almost certain they did though...

They all come from Sapphire.


I have one for many years. They used to put the name Sapphire on the PCB.

Qno, good find! There's a calibration procedure in their service docs.

Funny that they have a flashing notice about how their products have been cloned by Pintech..

M. AndrĂ¡s:
hmm wonder what is their price directly from the oem


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