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Lecroy WaveRunner HRO 66zi


Greetings everyone!

I have been a member for a bit but was always lurking as i was researching. In my quest for oscope ownership, I always wanted a tektronix (as i knew them to be made in the USA but time has changed) but then upon stumbling on this forum....i was quickly dissuaded from tektronix and started searching for something else.

Fast forward through now, looking through the bay, saw someone was selling a Lecroy WR66zi HRO but it was in operative  :-BROKE.

Bought it for less than what was asked. Sure enough when I received it, it was booting up but acting sporadically with failed channels. Then it started blinking out.


So took it apart, replaced the RTCS battery just in case (old one read 3v on my multimeter) and I started reseating all connections.

Found the SATA connection not plugged in all the way. Also the connector that looks like a SAS connection that goes to the channels was also not fully seated...

Looked at the HDD size and it was 160GB...I had a 500GB hdd laying around from a laptop that died from the battery.

Used Acronis to clone the 160gb => 500gb drive.

Moved the HDD from SATA 2 to SATA 1, for some reason the OEM HDD was plugged in to SATA 2...

Booted from the 500gb drive

Now the DSO portion comes up with no errors! Yay!


Next, probe purchase!

Truth be told, I got lucky but only when i can actually test will i know if it is working ok... wish me luck :D

 :-+ :-+ :-+

Important to mention is also, update firmware to latest version. There was a time where LeCroy had a lot of trouble with firmware updates. Too many different mainboards in same device family. In my company we had a lot of trouble with this topic.
After solving this issues by LeCroy and accepting the different philosophy of the GUI of LeCroy scopes related to Tek, these are very good devices. I like it.


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