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Looks like all of  Mains LED bulbs (even those sold with western brand names) originate from the same Chinese factory and last less than the good old CFL bulbs do (probably even filament incandescent ones) and they almost always fail the same way, one of the series LEDs fail. I opened one (see pic) and noticed (as I expected) one of the LEDs have a black dot when they are connected to mains, and that same LED measures 49V while the other LEDs are 7.8v dc.

Assuming that the one that measure different (much higher) is the faulty one, then what options do I have for replacing it? Anyone knows what kind of LED takes 7v8?
How about putting a resistor, a diode, a transistor/zener/resistor combination, or even a short in the bad LED's place.

Take a browse through some of Big Clive's videos, he has reverse engineered and modified (for lower output / cooler running) lots of low cost LED bulbs over the past year or so...


Most likely there's three LEDs in each package.
I think you (temporarely) can short it to see if it works.
You could also replace it with e.g. a 100ohm 1W resistor.
Or you could try to hack it to lower wattage and longer life:


--- Quote from: Vincenzo on May 17, 2021, 03:37:06 pm ---Looks like all of  Mains LED bulbs (..) last less than the good old CFL bulbs do (probably even filament incandescent ones) (..) what options do I have for replacing it?
--- End quote ---
Take it back to the seller, it is his problem and his money. I have not seen an LED that does not advertise "lasts longer than incandescent", most likely you were mislead.

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