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Mini PC repair help
« on: April 19, 2019, 11:25:39 am »
Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me source schematics or chips for a Beelink bt3 pro ver3 0,
Nexbox t11 and a z83 II (no brand markings) mini PCs. Thay don't turn on.
I have opened the Beelink and probed it. The 1.8V line is not presant on the board (most of the time).
The 5V to the USB2 and USB3 are there. Have not found a 3.3V line (assuming it is dead).
Strange thing is that the 1.8V line returns sometimes after probing the board with continuity
testing (found this out by buring my finger on the cpu). Got a chip that is marked AMCJ445(its's a QFN)
that takes the 12V supply and steps it down to 5V and 5.5V. The 1.8V seems to come from the AMCJ445 aswell.
Haven't been able to find any information on the AMCJ445 chip.
There is a AXP2880 PMIC as well that is dead in water but is seems to need a 1.8V to turn on (got a datasheet).
Haven't found a connection to the power button but CPU does heatup when I press it when 1.8V is there (no image).
Board seems good with no shorts or water damage. Haven't had the guts to reflow anything yet.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

AXP2880 datasheet.

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