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LG 32LE5500 - dead tuner

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Hi Guys,

my TV broke down today ;) everything works fine except the tuner - it's not able to pickup any multiplex (i'm receiving approx 10 of them). it's definitely something with the tuner because with a DVBT set-top-box connected to the same antenna cable i have all the TV stations i had before.

so what i did:

1.  downloaded a service manual
2. checked the tuner's schematic - it has 4 power rails 5V, 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.2V  , the 5V and 3V3 are just the generic rails (those for the rest of the circuits)+ some additional LC filter , 2V5 is from an LDO and 1V2 is from a buck converter. - checked all of them with DMM & scope - and those are nice , clean and spot on.
so i think it's the tuner itself - it's dead. the TV is able to switch to antenna input - i can even start scanning the channels - but 0 found.
the tuner's part number is :  TDFR-G135D

now my question is ... where can i buy a new tuner ? google is not very friendly when searching for the tuner part number.

For LG parts north.pl might have what you are looking for .It may be cheaper though to buy a used mainboard on ebay .


almost $60  lol, and you still wont sure its tuner, and not the decoder IC on the motherboard.

have you looked at the tuner output on a scope?

Have you checked if the composite/hdmi inputs still work and display video?

Thank you very much for the suggestions/comments.

@Psi - HDMI works ok - tested with laptop &  DVBT set-top-box - both video and audio are ok , got no composite video source to test with.

@Rasz - actually that's a good idea,  thanks for that - going to tear it down again today evening and check the outputs with a scope.   and thanks for the link - probably i'll place the order after probing the first output pin ;)

thank you Guys  :-+  , i'll keep you updated


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