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List of power supplies known to kill devices

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Today I got a computer for service, totaly dead.
After some investigation, I mesured 8v on a 5V standby rail.
Replacing the power supply did nothing.
The motherboard killer in my case - Bestec ATX-250-12E -

This is defenetly not the first time I saw a bad power supply kill a motherboard so I decided to be smart and hopefully help some people avoid thoose power supplies  by making a list that on whitch anyone can share their expiriences with power supplies killing electronics.

If you post your expirience here, preferably mention the brand and the model of the supply.
Questions about power supplies you are planing to buy are also welcome.

Remember, those PSUs are sold in huge quantities, some series certainly into the millions. So it won't be hard to find reports on defective units of any brand or model - making a list pretty pointless.
Plus: This PSU is 20 years old, which is longer than what I consider a normal lifespan of a modern computer, though these probably already failed a lot 10 years ago.

So the 5V standby rail from the PSU gave 8V and you blame the motherboard? was this to be a list of power supplies or motherboards? There is no point in this thread.

Stray Electron:
  So you found exactly ONE power supply that killed a motherboard?   That hardly makes all of that type PSUs "killers".

   Sample size of one and all of that.

well reading his post it's a PSU killer motherboard but it's the PSU's fault......


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