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Looking for a rare thermistency
« on: February 25, 2019, 10:13:35 am »
Hi guys,
I have a electronic board from an ECU that has an NTC resistance that opens due to excess heat.
In the picture can see two NTC equals, one repaired and other original.
It is a typical fault in these plates due to bad design I have seen several plates, all with that problem.
I have soldered it terminals several times with solder but it desoldered a few months, due to the great temperature in the componet.

This resistance has 170 ohms at room temperature of 20 degrees centrigrados and low to 162 ohms when heated to 35 degrees.
All NTCs that I had seen, have a bigger coefficient of temperature.
I tried to look for that NTC but I do not find this value or that small curve of variation.

Anybody know where get this thermistor or similar?

I appreciate any help you give me.
Thanks in advance.

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