Author Topic: Looking for any HPAK schematic that utilizes 1NB4-5036 logic comparator  (Read 248 times)

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Apparently these were used on many scopes and logic analyzers including 54622D.
It's also on the 54830 series MSO versions and MSO8000A series scopes.
Working on an MSO8104A where D11 is stuck low. Probing at the connector in the scope shows that it's biased way too low (negative) when comparing to D12. It's probably this chip, but I'd like to see a typical schematic to be sure.

This is causing the scope to fail the "Common" part of the self calibration routine:

Code: [Select]
Setting Pod 1 Threshold -5.000000e-001                                               

    Pod 1 Activity : 0xf70008ff                                                     

   Low thresh for POD_2 < -500.00 mV                                                 

   ThreshNull[POD_2] = 230.0 mV                                                     

Pod 0 High: -60.000189mV, Low: -190.000206mV, Cal Val: -125.000194mV                 

Pod 1 High: -40.000193mV, Low: 500.000000mV, Cal Val: 229.999900mV                   

Logic Threshold Cal Failed                                                           

>>Time 9 Seconds                                                                     

Finished ---- LogicThreshCal ---- FAILED                     

System error. Strike any user to continue.

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