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Looking for CLIP for HP E4418B


Would someone please point me to HP E4418B RF power meter CLIP?  Regular "service manual" is pretty much useless.

If someone has gone inside this before, there are two layer of PC boards for power supply.  The first board converts MAINS to whatever DC voltage.  (single voltage) and feeds the second board.  The second board makes +5, +12, and -12V.  I'm particularly interested in what DC voltage first one is making.  Mine reads ZERO.

Thank you.


--- Quote from: tkamiya on June 13, 2021, 04:26:47 am ---Would someone please point me to HP E4418B RF power meter CLIP?  Regular "service manual" is pretty much useless.

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Hi tkamiya,
see in this CDROM package there is a file "E4418B CLIP V02.pdf" in the "manual" subfolder:


Thank you for that!

Oddly enough though, the CD set is missing the original CLIP.  It includes CLIP addendum though.  Here's what I'm trying to find.  Maybe someone has an answer.  "Power supply" diagram in this clip is actually what's on the motherboard, and not the module. 

Pictured is a power supply assembly from E4418B.  It's has two layers.  Top module is a single output switching power supply.  Bottom one takes the output from top and creates +5V, +12V, and -12V.  As you can see, there is an output connector on immediate right of heatsink that goes to the bottom board.  I need to know the voltage of this output.  Likely, it's 12V but I don't want to guess.  Mine is totally dead, so it reads zero.  Capacitors around it are either 25V or 35V, so it doesn't help.

Does anyone know? 

Sorry, I've only the old serie of HPAK Power Meters (43x), I'm not convinced on the more recent units from Agilent for lack of documentation, use of OEM power supply undocumented modules and for a personal difficulty to read LCD displays...

But, take a look on this thread if maybe useful for you:

I, too, do not like LCD display implementations on HP gear.  Even newer ones, there isn't enough contrast for reading just by glancing at it.  Older ones are worse with very low (if any) back light.  I like VFD or LED.

I found the output voltage by experiment.  It appears to be 12V.  Retrofitted MeanWell and it works!

Looking at pictures, it appears there are at least 3 different power supply modules/arrangements in existence.


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