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Looking for English user/service manual for C1-112A oscilloscope/multimeter.


No big chances for luck, but maybe. This oscilloscope has been produced during 1980s and 1990s in the USSR and later on Lithuania by a company called Rimeda (during USSR period companies didn't have names). English version of this manual does exist for sure, but I had no luck to get one. I have scans of a few first pages.

Proper name in Latin alphabet would be S1-112A. If anyone needs it I've got Russian and German manuals for this unit.


Member Tzuk,

Would you please email me a copy of the German or Russian C1-112A that you mention you have - whichever is most convenient for you please?

PM sent with my email details.

I have recently bought a faulty C1-112A to use as reasearch for the large English Book on Test Equipment Theory and Repair I am writing!

Kind regards,

Chris Williams


Here you have it:


Work on a complete brand new English Technical Manual has been started and the work in progress will be posted in the "Test Equipment" Thread of this Forum as it is completed!

Chris Williams


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