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Looking for technician to repair Logitech z906 around Leeds

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Hello. Problem with speakers is poping sound same as from link

LDO was repalced and this helped for about 2 hours. Later problem came back.
Looking for someone who can carry repair in Leeds or surroundings.

I rebuilt my Logitech x-540, there's not much to it, I think the z906 is a bit more advanced. Do you have any tools like a DMM or soldering iron, or knowledge of electronics ?

If I remember right, Leeds is a fairly big city, you could probably go down to a university, and find some EE students that would look at it for fun, probably for free, or for a 'pint down at the pub'.

There's a whole world of difference between EE students who can derive Schrödingers Equation from first principles, and someone who can repair broken stuff.

Good luck with that, but they'll probably enjoy the pints.

New = $395

Used "Volume Pod" = $89.99

I can't think of many consumer electronics type things that it would be worth to have someone else fix. 

Years ago, my company were advertising for a tech to repair music electronics, guitar amplifiers, effects pedals etc.

One guy applying was a full blown PhD in electronics. When I met him, I said that he was way overqualified for what we were offering, but he was adamant that he needed a job, there was no work.

Ok, I said, and took a 10W guitar amplifier from the repair rack, handing him the amplifier and the service manual. My telephone suddenly started working overtime, and so he was left alone for about 30 minutes. When I finally spoke to him, he said he was totally confused, he could get no gain out of the first stage operational amplifier, and showed me four pages of intense algebra analysing the stage.

What is the supply voltage on pin 8 I asked. He turned red as he measured zero volts; a shorted bridge rectifier had blown the supply fuse.



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