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Low power indicator warning misreading.
« on: January 19, 2019, 09:13:12 am »
Have a point and shoot film camera i'm trying to repair. 2 actually. same problem but slightly different.

So the battery is in fact fully charged and good to go there's no issues battery side, contacts are clean no corrosion or any issues like that.

There seems to be some sort of short in these things that i can't figure out how to address.

The camera on the first one believes the battery is completed dead, so it will refuse to turn on.

The second one the battery shows 1/4 and flashes as if it's dying but it'll power on and still function but won't charge the flash as is the feature of low battery preservation.

These are semi difficult to take apart due to the nature of their soldering but so far i took one apart and replaced 3 tantalum caps with 47uf 10v electrolytics and no change.

There is one tantalum left by the IR sensor, but i don't think they're the issue. I'm trying to understand which circuit may be responsible for power sensing or if it's simply just the main ic that has gone bad.

There is one chip under the top main board, maybe a sop32 or something i stupidly didn't get a good enough look at it while i took it apart the first time as i thought it was just the caps.

I also replaced the Flash capacitor as i thought it was possible, but it was originally a rubycon so i really didn't think that would be the issues. * spoiler it wasn't.

Anyway any advice is much appreciated!

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