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Magix digital satellite receiver, Model: mgx-9800


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This FTA (Free to Air) digital satellite receiver, model mgx-9800 by Magix ( a korean company) on pluging the mains power cord,  has the red led switched on, steady red, the green led, designated as lock, flashing on/off several times and then steady green and the 2 dots, : , in the channel number display, ON.

The power button has no effect.

Checked all power supply output to the main board, all OK.

Any suggestions ...

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Maybe it's waiting for you to access the menu and set the LNB up then search for stations.
Is it on the bench or in a "working" installation?

repairs online:
OK/MENU button no effect.  In fact, no AV output signal from the satellite receiver to the TV.  The switch ON/OFF button can neither switch ON or OFF the receiver. Normally, it should display a channel number when switched on.


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