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Marantz PMD430 portable cassette recorder - No Audio

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Latest update:
I had an open circuit and I traced it to the contacts on RG54.  I re-soldered the connections around RG54 and now I've got voltage on RG54, Pin11 of Q907 and pin 22 of Q809.  I only measure 2.8 volts on the emitter of QU01.  Also as suggested I measured the current flow from emitter (lifted) to the pc board and got no current flowing from the emitter.  Also I still get no sound although the motor is running.

Is QU01 running hot? It doesn't make complete sense what you are seeing- good transistor but low emitter output voltage.
When you get 2.8V out, what are the base and collector voltages? Just to narrow down if the regulator is not working, or it is but just overloaded.

Hey Guys, here's what I found in the second tape deck. The QU01 area looks good on both sides of the board:

But, not so much in other areas. Look at some of the repair work I found:

Bargainhunter, I don't plan on repairing either of these decks. So if you live in the USA, I'd be willing to send you what parts you may need. I plan on buying my first hot-air station next month so removing IC's will be easy. I do own a Huntron Tracker and a Peak Atlas semiconductor analyzer to check stuff too :-+

Hi Smokey,
Thank you for the offer.  I live in Pennsylvania.
If you are looking for a hot air station, I'll trade you for the PMD430s.  The hot air station is a model 858 and in like new condition.
Let me know.


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