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mechanical keyboard pcb repair.


hey guys. i was trying to repair a broken mangled micro usb connector, got startled and my hand slipped and the resulting scratch happened. now im not super fimiliar with electronics and to be honest im fairly new. im pretty good at soldering though... just a bit jumpy.

anywho... can anyone help me identify what part i destroyed? on the left is my board cleaned up, the right shows a board with the pcb that isnt damaged.

on a different forum it was suggested that the part has a zero on it meaning its a revision. considering that this is v1.4 of the pcb that makes sense. is there any way to confirm that its just a bridge that i destroyed?

if there is more info i remember i would add it but thats all i can thing off.

here is a scan of the board.

Yup, you just knocked a jumper off. The "L1" designator suggests it was supposed to be an inductor/ferrite bead/choke/pick-your-favorite-name to filter that line, and then they decided they didn't need that filter and just put a cheap bridge there. You can use a blob of solder or a bit of wire.

ok thanks for that, let me bridge it and fire it up.

hopefully it wont catch fire.


--- Quote from: radish on February 15, 2015, 05:37:47 am ---ok thanks for that, let me bridge it and fire it up.

hopefully it wont catch fire.

--- End quote ---

It's just a zero ohm resistor, so pretty much a jumper.

great success! thanks guys. made a solder bridge and everything worked great!


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