Author Topic: Denon/Marantz AVR HDMI board regulator IC's  (Read 717 times)

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Denon/Marantz AVR HDMI board regulator IC's
« on: July 26, 2017, 05:16:57 pm »

This might be a cost effective time saver  for someone trying to replace thes 38 pin QFN regulators on the HDMI boards.
I searched high and low looking online for the parts marked as EX3AV. Nothing listed anywhere with any useful information. The Denon/Marantz service manuals do not list the actual Denon/Marantz part#, just "nsp" Not Supplied Part.

Eventually searched on 38 pin QFN, and found a trail to Altera, and EN6337QI. That is the correct 3 amp regulator IC. Quite expensive at Digikey over $9 each.

Have fun!

Turns out there IS an unrevealed (in Service Manuals) part #, which is 231810089509S. Turns out to actually be much cheaper than Digikey or Ebay! at $3.86 each.

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