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Microchip product repair within warranty.

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My ICD 3 is emitting a high frequency, probably the inductor, so I created a ticket.

They want me to pay return shipping to Dublin, but from what I gather, EU legislation say customer should get the repair free-of-charge within a two year period. Still Microchip insists on refering to their warranty note that claims that I should pay the shipping.

Is it possible for Microchip to override EU legislation like this? I know here in Sweden they can't so I find this pretty odd :P

The repair is free of charge.


--- Quote ---Under EU law, within the legal guarantee period of two years, defective products must be repaired or replaced without any cost to the consumer. This includes shipping costs. So, in principle, the seller should cover all shipping costs (your sending the faulty camera to the seller; the seller's returning the repaired camera to you).
--- End quote ---

I've contact their legal department. Waiting for an answer...

The very next paragraph after the one you carefully chose:

--- Quote ---However, the seller may wish to examine the item to check whether it was defective when you bought it. In this case, you may have to pay to return the item and ask to be refunded the shipping costs if the seller agrees that it was defective.
--- End quote ---

Repair now, argue later. You can't force them to pay the shipping up front. That is definitely not covered by EU legislation.

Bastards. There is always that extra paragraph that I tend to subconsciously ignore  :-// :D

Anyways I reckon I will cover the return shipping then, if they demand it. Allthough I couldn't find anything about a refund in their warranty note. Perhaps they subconsciosly ignored that part as well ;D


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