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Rebonjour Cher Monsieur

Became a Yokogawa afficanado after discovering the HP4195A was designed and built in Japan by YEW.
In 1992..1995 visited Japan and met Yokogawa, who subsequently visited my lab. I acquired a scope, power Analyzers and finally tile Analyzers ( TA320,TA720) used extensively in audio clock jitter tests for AES and transformer, cables.  Still use the DL1740 and DL7440.

1. Chinese floppy disk USB have mechanical and electrical issues to replace the old Japanese floppy drives in the YEW scopes.

2. YEW Ethernet option was NOT  a drop in card, and is NOT field upgradable. different internal PCB, FW, etc.

3. Yokogawa DL 14xx, 15xx, 16xx and 17xx early digital scopes in the compact case are VERY hard to service ( or even to open up) or to change backup battery.

4, No YEW services manuals exist,  and support from Yokogawa USA has  long ended.

 " if it ain't broke DON'T  FIX IT!"

just my experience!

bon chance



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