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Now that my oscilloscope YOKOGAWA DL1640 is working, I would like to put the latest firmware, but since there is no USB port, we have to find another solution.
I would like to replace the memory card reader with a 3.5 floppy.
You need a slim model with a connection by rigid cable.
Does anyone know the floppy pattern to use?
see connector for connexion on bottom right


In fact, after reflection:
1)The firmware update will be done once and for all, there is no evolution on this hardware.
2) For the floppy, I have to find one that has a 26-point rigid tablecloth.

And so why not do the opposite:
1) I will only use the floppy once! --> I have a stock of old  3.5 inch drive 36 pins connexion.
I’ll take one of these.
2) I connect a 36-point tablecloth to the floppy and cut the cable. (to have a straight 36-pin cable)
I have disassembled the oscilloscope several times, so it is not a problem to solder the cable on the useful soldering points of the 26 pin connector of the main PCB.
2) Now we have to find the wiring diagram...36pins Floppy <--> 26 pins rigid cable

If you have any...

After I deconnect the floppy, I either unstack the cable or leave it inside.
Thanks if you have the schematic  of that


I think that we can take inspiration from this to find the pattern of connections.

We can’t see the resistance (100 ohms?) A kind of pullup.

thank you

I think your counter is faulty.  Every 3.5 inch floppy I have used has 34 pins not 36.  And that PCB you show also has 2 rows of 17 pins along the bottom.

https://old.pinouts.ru/HD/26pin_microfloppy_pinout.shtml.  And there is mention of a resistor.

Or https://i.redd.it/62dkmqq9sdr31.jpg

Or plenty more info using a search engine.

The floppy disk modules are available to fit.

Issues with non standard protocol, as these are over 20 years old.

Suggest you drop any FW update as they don't exist,

Better for replacement of the CMOS backup battery, but not easy.

We try to leave the old Yokogawa scopes DL 1540, 1740, 7440 and time Analyzers TA720, TA720 as is, and make use of the existing ports.



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