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Monitor Problem (No Signal)

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A friend of mine gave me an old monitor (hitachi cml158xw) which has a problem.
When I connect it to a desktop, the monitor powers on (power light turns green) but I get only a blank display. When I disconnect the vga cable, I can see the known messages (no signal, etc) and the light turns yellow. If I reconnect the cable, the light turns green again.
As I presume, the monitor receives signals from the vga card (I've also checked the continuity of its pins, and it is ok).
Also, because I can see the info messages (e.g. no signal) I think that the fluorescent lamp is ok..
I've also checked (visually) the monitor's board and I didn't see any burnt caps/diodes/resistors/etc.
Do you have any idea what to check next? What would be the fault?
Any help would be very much appreciated!!

Welcome to the forum.
Confirm backlight is working when connected by shining a flashlight at the screen and looking for info illuminated.

Maybe this screen won't display you current PC settings.
Are the PC video settings set to default monitor to start with?

Thank you for your reply!
I'll check the backlight this afternoon. I also forgot to mention that I cannot even see the osd menu, although I can see the "no signal", "connect the cable", etc messages.
If there is a problem with the backlight, these messages couldn't be displayed, right? or not?
I'm confused.
I've tested the monitor even in 1024x768 pixels display resolution. Nothing.


--- Quote ---If there is a problem with the backlight, these messages couldn't be displayed, right? or not?
--- End quote ---
You are correct, you would not see the messages.
Are you trying to use the monitor as a second monitor?
Try connecting it alone and see if the video card identifies it on boot up.

Does the monitor have any other inputs you can try? VGA / DVI / DisplayPort / Composite etc.


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