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This time it was transistors. E13009-2

Fake Fake Fake

Overheated and burned out at about 1/4 the rated current.

ebay seller toraysboostllc

While it certainly happens, do you have any evidence or is this just an 'airing of grievances'?


--- Quote from: DaJMasta on May 23, 2022, 04:53:22 am ---While it certainly happens, do you have any evidence or is this just an 'airing of grievances'?

--- End quote ---

Occasionally and rarely it  might happen that you get authentic, original high quality components on ebay, dirt cheap........


my experience is that too often the old adage is spot on.  I'm sure there are at least a few who would agree.
Now, you might ask..."why keep ordering them from ebay then if they seem too often to be no good?
Glad you asked!  Only a bozo would do that, right?  Well, You see, last year or two when I was still just jumping into the electronics hobby I was filling my little organizers with all kinds of components from all over the place.
Some I'm just now getting around to using.
Some are just outright empty cases....some kinda work, some work up to 1/3 their rated capacity etc.  A FEW work as expected.
Seems generally the semi's I bought on Amazon "generally" did a little better.
I have had no problem with Semi's purchased on Mouser or DigiKey.  (Imagine THAT!)

"If a deal looks too good to be true, it's probably fake semi conductors from ebay.

So it's just an airing of grievances   :-+ 

Care to describe the test conditions?

Most chinese parts are fake or out of order (X2216 for example : 100% dead on a batch of 10 !). The best I have seen was LTZ1000 with inside just an ordinairy zener !


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