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Motherboard has no power - Clevo W650SC

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Hello all,

I've been for some time now trying to troubleshoot this Clevo W650SC laptop motherboard. It has no power, no charging lights, nothing. Now please bear in mind I don't have much experience with this stuff, so looking for some info online I decided to search for shorts.

Luckily I've managed to find this service manual.

VIN is not shorted and I'm reasonably convinced of a short on VDD3. I've desoldered most mosfets, disconnected coils and removed some caps without success in pinpointing the faulty component. The lowest resistance I could find was near ME and BIOS ROM (U27, U28), but desoldering these didn't fix the short.

Any ideas on how to go forward ? Thanks in advance !

Current-limited power supply and a thermal camera.

Unfortunately a thermal camera is not really an option right now :(

Then use IPA to see what is getting hot. Is not as fast as a thermal camera, but it will din the job.

Inject 1V and a lot of amps into the circuit.

Alright ! Just ordered a rosin short "detector", will try that as well as IPA. Any suggestions on where to inject the voltage ?


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