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Motor Controller - Broad Ocean KNSAH064001 - PCBEP1000)


Disclaimer - I'm very much a novice and don't know a whole lot about what I'm doing.

Looking at a motor controller for the inside fan on a hotel style air conditioner. As the title indicates, a Broad Ocean KNSAH064001.

It wasn't working - obviously. It blew a couple traces and I'm trying to figure out what is the cause and what is the effect.

I have removed the two capacitors C101 and C102. Both check acceptably - They are 220uf @ 250v. Check at 208/209 and 0.21 ESR Both of these have damage to the wrapper from the heat, I would suspect. If they were the cause, and blew the side out of them, I'd expect the readings to indicate they are failed or the the tops to have vented.

I removed the 10uf/50v capacitor above IC101. It isn't labeled or was labeled before the fire and gone now. It is shorted. It connects Vdd and Source on IC101 I am suspecting this is the cause.

The side is also blown out of IC101. This is a VIPer12A IC. It appears that at least one of the source pins is burnt off at the trace that lead up to failed 10uf/50v capacitor.

On the back of the board, SMD diode D103 has its guts hanging out. It appears to be across Vdd and Source.

I'm not asking anyone to spend more than a minute or two. This isn't a critical situation, just a learning moment for me. I have a replacement board installed already, I just looked to see if I could repair this one because the new board is ~$130. With the extensive damage, I'm not sure repair is justified other than personal satisfaction.

Thanks to all.

I'd say it looks repairable, if you can manage the soldering, and get close enough new parts. Is the black thing on the right of the VIPer IC an inductor ? It could read as a short to a lot of DMM's. Overheating MOSFET's, I've seen them get cooked and blow up.

It doesn't look like a big circuit, I'd take a DMM, and make a schematic, even in a simulator. Even just the main stuff connected around the IC. A lot of these chips have pretty similar external circuits, and they might even be exactly like what's in a datasheet. There's not many circuits in this datasheet tho.

Whats under the heatsink, some motor driver ??


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