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TEAC DV-R301 DVD No Video
« on: July 11, 2015, 09:12:17 am »
Hey Guys,

I have a TEAC DV-R301 that I have scored (yes, I know - pretty old school)

It powers up and has all the  inputs, like radio working, but had no DVD operation. I pulled it apart and figured that the laser was faulty. After having some trouble trying to find a replacement and also the price made it not worth fixing, I had a close look at the connections and discovered that they were the same as some of the early DVD players used in computers. I just so happened to have a few spare and have tried one that works. It will open, close, start and play with the computer DVD and even the sound works fine. The only issue is that I have no video. Yes, before you ask, I have the connections in the correct jacks and the sound works fine as I said.  I have even tried another set of cables to be sure, but nothing!

I'm wondering if the format of the computer DVD may be different. I have even copied the shorting terminal at the back and copied the connection from the TEAC DVD. I have tried several different DVDs, in case they were region related issue. Nothing. I think it may be an issue within the TEAC DVD player itself and not the computer DVD that I have hooked up to it at the moment.

Any thoughts?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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