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MSI Z690-A Pro no SLP_S3



My MSI Z690-A pro DDR4 motherboard is showing no signs of life. SIO is the NCT6687D, for which I have no datasheet. I'm just going off net names from the boardview I have for this mobo and the datasheet of the similar NCT6686D.

All relevant power rails seem good, incl. 5VSB and 3VSB. When PSIN# is pulled low, the PSOUT# signal is pulled low by the SIO. However, the chipset appears to do nothing. SLP_S3# and SLP_S5# always remain low.

VSB is good. The RTC crystal is working, RTCRST# and RSMRST# are high. Any ideas what else may be preventing the chipset from pulling SLP_S3 low?

I have very little understanding of this power sequence, I'm just trying to follow the datasheet the best I can. Any info is appreciated.



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