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My GPS mysteriously brick itself

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G'day all
Please help
My Chinese made Win CE 6.0 GPS has stopped loading the OS. The unit is a Mediatek which has been work for 3 yrs The error message is PMP.exe is missing cannot cancel the Error message as the screen is not responding to cancell the window message. Tried to connect via the USB port but win 7 on my laptop reports the GPS is not recognized Another GPS unit has no problem connecting via the USB  |O
Need to restore Win CE 6.0 to unbrick the unit

dont know if it helps but i had a uhappy chinese phabblet phone,about every 6 months it would do tjhe same,had to reflash the rom every time,that was a mediatek chipset too,in the end i smashed it to bits after about the 5th time it did it,it was random,sometimes ok for 3 months other times 3 days!.hope there nuclear reactors are better!.

not being rude, i dont think youll ever get e unless you buy an identical one  and grab if possible  the files

maybe the memory is corrupt,  WinCe on many device self extract in the memory before running

Corrupted flash is common in cheaper devices that usually weren't built with good flash anyway.
Will need more info on the device and what's inside; you may be able to find compatible firmware online as many of these are based on the same reference design.

Yes have another similar unit and have image of the GPS software. The main issue is the winCE os thats corrupted Wonder if there is a method to reinstall the winCE With Android boxes an update is achieved by inserting a sd flash with a upgrade file. So it there file for winCE OS?


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