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My Sony Vaio Laptop Won't Power ON???

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I am Using Sony Vaio Model No: VGN-FE45G/W.

in Iam working with my Laptop Suddenly Keyboard failure.
In keyboard Any Keys Cannot Operate it. So I use Some Days With External Keyboard. Recently Power Off my Laptop. Cannot Power On again. i Try So many Ways to try start. Battery Removed apply D.C adapter power. Nothing Happened. Battery Power Apply and On Again. Nothing Happened. I try Cmos Battery Jack Remove and Pushed again,. Nothing Happened.

No Leds on No Noises, No Beep Sounds, No Screen Blinking.

D.C Adapter Working. Battery Working. Main Board Removed and Applying D.C Adapter . In Conncted D.C. Adapter Jack I check Voltage With Multimeter. It Shows 19.5 Voltage. so Voltage pass O.k.

IN Main Board is Fault. How to Rectify that. How Can i Find Out Problem in Main Board.???

few details about my Laptop.

Sony Main Board Version is MBX 149 (MS 13, Rev 1.1)

(I have Little Bit Experience In Hardware Basics , and i have schematic above this Main Board)

PLease Help us.??? what to do??? How to Check voltages components in Main board with multi meter to find out Problem.???

Thank You.

First of all, you pull out everything, ram, drives, anything and everything that can easily be pulled out, and try again.
Then you figure out how to get the "beep codes" from the BIOS.
After that, you go on ebay, look for an identical model for dirt cheap, and buy that rather than wasting your time trying to fault find.

I agree, if removing the extras like the battery does not help, and you can't see an obvious fault inside, just replace it.

One thing I will say though, is the internals structure of some laptops aren't the best - for example one model I did repair (common fault) was an old Toshiba which had insufficient support under the keyboard. Ever since it was new, every person who rested their palms on it, was actually slightly putting weight on one of the main power connectors - until one day - no more power ups.

I mention this because it might be worth looking inside for any connectors which may have been exposed to stress.

To fix the fault on the old Toshiba all I did was run my soldering iron past the tiny connectors causing it to reflow the solder.
(NB: there are lots of other things it could be, this is just one thing to think about, since the keyboard died while you were typing)

But I never diagnosed the fault - I guessed and it worked.

Reseating the memory modules might bring it back to life. I had a system with no Post codes and no video, on board LED was green, swapped video cards problem remain until I took the memory out and place it back in. Then it was back to life.

I am already Removed All components from Main Board. I try to Find on ebay and Amazon my main board. But Suggested Model Not Available at present.

and My Main Board Problem Is Small. cannot ON the Power.????

how to find out the Problem . Just it.... 


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