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National Oscilloscope VP-5263A Manual Required

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    I have discovered and old National VP-5263A that is for sale and would like to buy it and repair or refurbish it, but cannot find any specifications or manual or this model. The owner has had in storage for many years and it did work before storing it. But it will need calibration at least.
Can anyone help or advise?
Much appreciated.

Maybe it is a "re-badge"?
Power it up slowly to let the E-caps reform after lying idle for so long.
Incandesent light bulb in series with the mains should do the trick.
I would allow a good 1/2 an hour.

Thanks for the tip!
The picture looks very much like the VP 5260A minus 2 switches and I did see a 1974 add for the same one in a old electronics monthly article via Google.
I will see if the seller still has it this week.

Gumtree in George? Yes I second the warm it up gently with a 60W light bulb for an hour then try it out to see just how many of those old Matsushita caps have dried out.

           Yes! Small world! Hoping to pick up the scope this week and give it an internal examination!
Hopefully someone has a long forgotten manual laying around!


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