Author Topic: NEED HELP! Part ID/Replacement Sourcing for TDS 60MHZ (Mono) Scope Repair  (Read 438 times)

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Came across an old 60 MHz Tek TDS oscilloscope in the bin at work.... Given that I hate to see electronics go to waste I am attempting a repair. I do not have access to schematics on the unit so am having trouble ID'ing the following.

Can anyone help?

A cap was blown but am unaware of its value, the part # is C633.

Also as evident in the photo, one of the chips is fried but I cannot source any information.

Does anyone have any pointers, to help me breath life back into this little beauty?


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that's an SN74TVC3010 from TI

The datasheet mentiones the smd-marking TT010  :box:

Are you sure the chip is blown?


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I am afraid so, if I am correct and VCC/Vin is pin 1 then the chip got hot enough to actually fall off, as its not there anymore! Thanks for the find!

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