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CyberPower UPS Capacitor Replacements
« on: July 17, 2019, 09:14:19 pm »

I've followed the topic above and received help from the posters so I decided to include it in this post as a reference. I'm mainly including this here for other people searching the internet so they can find it and find help also. I'm also hoping some experts here can weigh in on some insights they might have in relation to both soldering components and repairing UPS units.

I've had a couple CyberPower 1350AVRLCD UPS battery backups for around 7 years. I should have replaced the batteries earlier in their life but instead I let them degrade and die. They got to the point where they would shut the computer down while the electricity was still on. After much research, I decided to purchase a CP1290 from PowerSonic. I replaced the batteries in one unit and it beeped when I turned it on without AC power. I turned it back off and decided to try it in an outlet. When I plugged it into the wall, it sizzled inside and puffed out a lot of smoke. I opened it up completely to see 2 blown capacitors on the board. I was informed that the caps were likely toasted before I plugged it in. "During the time frame that the unit was inoperable it had cooled down and when I plugged it into electricity with not fully charged accumulators, they got loaded and overheated rapidly, releasing pressure and gases." So assuming that was the reason and I didn't purchase the wrong batteries, I am replacing the bad caps and an IC chip, as per suggestion by another forum. I will also be replacing the same components in my second unit before replacing the batteries, assuming I can handle the soldering jobs.

Here are the parts that I will be replacing. Is there a specific way the Viper22 goes on the board, like the capacitors do? Does anyone know anything about accumulators? After replacing the parts below will it be safe to plug this thing in to AC power? How would one go about charging accumulators? Leaving the batteries inside for a day or 2 before plugging it in? Maybe with the new parts inside everything will work as it is supposed to but I'll be plugging into power outdoors and watching it closely for a while before bringing it into my house. C1 C3 & C6 Viper22

Thank you for letting me post this here, I appreciate the helpful knowledge I have acquired thus far.

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