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Need help repairing Miller welder Power board PN 230855B


I'm doing a repair for a friend in the hopes that he'll do some metal work for me in the future.  I'm trying to find the data sheet for 25N12LL from Sirectifier so I can find a replacement part.  I'm guessing the 25 in the component part number means 25 amps for an N pole transistor.  I'm not sure what the 12 or the LL part mean so that I can find the equivalent replacement.

Maybe a 25N120 IGBT?


--- Quote from: BrokenYugo on June 16, 2021, 04:29:07 am ---Maybe a 25N120 IGBT?

--- End quote ---

And that is the thing.  I'm wondering if it is 120V or 1200V.  Having the specs from the original part would shed some light on that.

Looking at Sirectifier's website, and looking at apparent patterns in their product listings and part numbers, I'd go out on a limb and bet that the 12 means "1200V". Would I bet my life on it? Hmmm... not sure. But a few dollars anyway.

Maybe try contacting the company? sales@sirectifier.com shows up on the website. Who knows, maybe you get lucky and get somebody friendly on the first try and they give you the exact info you need? I mean... that's gotta happen every once in a while, right?

If the manufacturer is still in business it certainly doesn't hurt to ask.


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