Author Topic: Need help repairing Orange Pi One board with missing component/trace  (Read 197 times)

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I have an Orange Pi One that had the USB port snap off, and in the repair process, I had used a new soldering iron that seems to get waaaay too hot, and I am not super experienced, more dangerous than anything.. and as expected, a cap and a resistor fell off, along with part of the trace, which made it very hard to identify where these connected. After hunting down a schematic, I figured out that these were in the Reset circuit, coming offa 1AM transistor on the collector pin, is a split to a 10k resistor and a 0.1 uf cap. The cap goes to ground and the 10k resisotr goes to VCC-RTC. I can NOT figure out where I make a physical connection to VCC-RTC. I see a pin on the H3 labled as VCC-RTC but the board has nowhere to make a connection at, and you can't see any visible traces. I was thinking I might be able to go to the last connection before VCC-RTC for other components, but not positive.

The schematic is at and the part in issue is on page 6 near the bottom, labeled RESET-OPTION, the board won't boot as is, and prior to my oops, i had to short the missing resistor pads to get it to boot, but it would randomly reboot. The missing components are C65 and R347, along with the trace going from Q9 pin 3 to VCC-RTC and Ground. So I would really like to just verify how to reconnect these 2 pieces, well, specifically, VCC-RTC. I assume i put a cap on ground, connected to a resistor to VCC-RTC and then connect q9 collector pin in between the two. The mentioned ESD diode was never installed, and I believe that AP-RESET# is also not connected.

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