Author Topic: need help with repair on VS-125 wireless camera hunter  (Read 204 times)

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need help with repair on VS-125 wireless camera hunter
« on: December 19, 2019, 11:09:00 pm »
Can some one help me please?   
I have a problem and was wondering if anyone here can help me fix it. I really dont know electronics but have fixed a few easy things. I bought a device on ebay called a VS-125 Wireless camera hunter it is supposed to detect

1.2G 2.4G and 5.8G wireless camera signals automatically lock on to them and display video as well as play audio.  it turns, but isn't really locking on to my test cameras the display comes on and looks to be ok but show snow,

doesn't  seem to not have any other glitches besides that it appears to be "trying to hone in on" the signals just cant quite get there.  after opening it i seen it must have gotten moisture in it once or something where you could see

corrosion crusting up on the leads and stuff and i noticed someone had tried to fix it previouse to me and looks like they had no idea what they were doing.   the rest of the boards look fine(although i know that doesnt mean

anything) and i removed ever micro spec of corrosion as carefully as possible.  if you look closely at the first and last picture (might have got mixed up but all the same pic) , just down and right from the hole on the first picture (hole is top left of the pic)  you will see a piece

of what looks the green plastic (pointing directly at the hole) of the board they ripped the new resister from and it appears to be underneath the weld. I am not sure that is a problem or not, also i noticed that the components

usually fit inside of the white rectangles on the board and they usually fit to size, and it looks like on that green plastic the left component should be going up and down rather slanted down and left. I cant tell til i remove that

piece of plastic but it looks like that would fit inside that rectangle under it where it looks like it would make more sense.  then right next to it to the right the other resister doesn't look like it belongs at all, along with the

perfectly round dot of soldier   picture 3 and 4 are the whole board flipped right to left.   If any one can help I would appreciate it.

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