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New sub forum for repairs?

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Just wondering if it was possible to have an area in the Forum for repairs.
An area where people can ask for help to repair something or show something they have repaired and what was faulty.
Maybe the new Repair section could be divided into Test Equipment and Other products.

Just a thought.

oh posted here as I didn't know where to ask this question...

Similar was discussed a few months back in another thread: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/chat/divide-'test-equipment'-into-sub-sections-yay-or-nay/
Might be worth a read and/or revive it.

Thanks and good point.

My fault for just reading the Post subject.

Everyone please don't post here, instead post in the thread mentioned above.

Post here as the other thread is more about Test equipment.

Repair/Service area would not fit Test Equipment section, if anything it would need its own place.
Illogical to post solutions for washing machine programmer/flat screen/laptop under test equipment.

A section for this would make alot of sense. Currently, much of the repair stuff ends up in Project/Designs, or Beginners


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