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Title: nuc6i7kyk heat sink
Post by: stafil on May 08, 2020, 06:09:47 pm
This is more of a mechanical question rather than electronics.

I have a nuc6i7kyk that is ridiculously noisy, so I thought I exchange the fan for a better one, but I didn't find a good quality fan that is compatible. So my next "bright" idea was to remove it from it's original case, and build a custom case, with an off-the-self heatsink and fan combo.

But it seems the holes for mounting the heatsink are not standard. They have 3 holes according to their STEP file arranged in what it looks like a equilateral triangle.

The BGA socket (named BGA_1440P_1102x1654_N in the step file) has dimensions 28mm x 42mm.

I searched around and couldn't find a heatsink that would fit the dimension of the holes or the BGA or the mounting holes.

I got a couple of quotes from online CNC's and a custom made heatsink seems a bit expensive (100's of $$).

I was wondering if anyone has any alternative ideas/suggestions.
Title: Re: nuc6i7kyk heat sink
Post by: coromonadalix on May 09, 2020, 02:52:39 am
Its a damn laptop fan  :(  I noticed  some people had or have problems with the fan ... i dont know for the noise, my guess would be   clean the fan ( you surely did it?  ) and sometimes theses fan can be dismantled,  maybe add teflon oil drop on the sleeve ?

Unless  you go the hard route and hack it to be a fully passive cooling ?  you have thermal pads  going from 0.5 mm to 2 mm thick, and maybe use some old xeon server / full copper heat sink ...

something like this ( (

With some drilling, tapping and add 3 adjusted in height sleeves / spacers  you could have a totally silent pc ?  not as compact ?

The originals fan are sold  pretty high priced  up to 65$ usd ?