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CH341A Black usb fry
« on: March 21, 2020, 05:28:32 am »
Hello experts,

I recently received my new CH341A miniprogrammer.  I followed all steps to get ready, found my target chip, MXIC MX 25L4006E chip that I think is the target I wanted to test reading from.

The target chip board was powered down for many days.

I connected my 25 series 8 pin through the adapter and locked it in, pretty straight forward.  Pin 1s were all aligned with careful attention, as well on the chip (still on the board). 

I was attempting to get the second led to signal that it had found the chip, I reseated a few times.  I left the usb device plugged in, and the clamp on the board while reading some notes, and about 30 seconds passed and I got a "Pop" and some sweat smelling ozone, definitely from the CH341 itself, not the target board, or the host USB controller/port luckily.

The USB port on the host controller is still operable for other devices, but now my CH341A is not detected by the OS (linux) - where it was previous.  However, the LEDs both light up now, clamp on target chip or not.

I've read about a fix here -
but this was more about preventing damage to the target chip, not the USB device itself.  It's the closest issue I can find that maybe someone else has had but seems distant from my issue.

Being a noob at this, I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this? 

FYI - I was plugged into a USB 3.0 port if that matters, I thought that the 5v would be OK, but I'm sure there's some reason why that might matter for these small devices.

Any help or advice on similar issues or where to go next with this?  Of course, I can just buy a new one (A green one is already on the way for me to also destroy) but figured I would ask here.  Or at least start a thread if others also run into this.  It's so cheap it isn't worth fixing so maybe folks don't ask.


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Re: CH341A Black usb fry
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2020, 08:25:31 pm »
Can you see what fried on the CH341A board? If you smelled something then you should be able to see something I hope. How was it connected when it happened? USB3 5V is the same as any other USB port. You cannot easilly fry the CH341A with the USB5V. Please add photo and/or more info if you still need help. 

Read this link about the  CH341A Power supply issues blowing chips.
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