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Hey everyone,

I'm beginner and my (first) oscilloscope had some weird issue...what I found was the document below...I thought this was very helpful (my oscilloscope is from kenwood not tektronix but the general procedure just worked out well) :)


Maybe the experts of the forum can say something about whether this is good for general repairs or whether I'm just lucky that it worked out well :)

Have a nice weekend :)

There's a lot of information missing here.

1. Kenwood and Tektronix scopes are very different.
2. You haven't given us a model number of your Kenwood or even disclosed it's vintage or if it is analog or digital type, crt readout type, or what.

Yes, sometimes we just do get lucky. Older Kenwood pure analog models are pretty simple and often just cleaning controls and switches is all that is required.

More information, please!

The general concepts and troubleshooting procedures in that book are reasonable applicable to most analog scopes, so it is certainly very useful. It won't apply much for modern digital scopes however, other than general power supply troubleshooting, etc.


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