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SMART TV memory upgrade
« on: February 02, 2020, 05:30:11 pm »
Hi everyone, I was given a 32 inch tv with a dead mother board.
Specs here:[url][]
I have already ordered  a new one but have not yet received it.
This board being a android based I want to run MOBDRO on it, however MOBDRO requires 1G ram to run, and this board only comes with 512MB RAM.
On closer look of the board it has this 2 pcs H5TQ4G63CFR which are indeed 4Mb chips from Hynix.
I figure one is used for main memory and the other one for display memory.
Anyway my question for the experts here comes to the following.
I was unable to find an exact match for a 8Gb chip from Hynix, the closest one comes to be: H5TC8G63AMR which has the same bank arrangement with a minor difference in voltage (1.35 vs 1.50) but I guess that is not a problem the main problem I can see is that this chip is a DDP dual die package intead of the SDP on the original chip even though they are both 96 ball packages.
So the question becomes can I use this chip to upgrade to 1GB ram.
Thank you all for you support, I'll really appreciate your input.
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