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My monitor suddenly stopped working, but started making a ticking sound which I figured was coming from the internal speakers. So I opened it up and noticed some bad capacitors. I have just replaced the ones that visually looked bad because I don't have access to an ESR meter.
The sound from the speakers is now different and louder, and I think I'm picking up some faint ticking from somewhere else too. But no sign of life from the panel.

Could it be that there are more bad capacitors in there causing this issue, or is there a deeper problem that is not so easily fixed?
I'm asking because low ESR capacitors are hard to get around here. It cost me €5.80 to get just 3, and there's 7 more that could need replacing.

Ticking suggests the SMPS is trying to start, but can't maybe due to

1) bad startup cap (probably 10uF or 22uF). Measure the DC voltage across this capacitor. It should be stable and not fluctuating.

2) bad SMPS IC. Find the datasheet and see what the startup voltage should be for VCC. See if VCC is shorted to GND.

3) shorted diode. Test diodes to see if they are shorted.


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