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Part number for Leader LBO-514 C.R.T.?


I am looking for an oscilloscope with a P7 long persistance phosphor. I found an LBO-514 on Ebay with an orange filter which suggests it may be a P7 version which was an option. I found the schematic on ElectroTanya but no part number for the C.R.T. It is a 14 pin looking at the schematic and I wonder what C.R.T. Leader used such as 5DEP7A or 5UP7A etc. Thanks for any leads!!

I had a look inside my LBO-514, but the CRT was covered in a black shroud. There were no visible markings. It would have involved a significant disassembly to go any further. Sorry.

Turns out the seller brickaudiophile is a totally unprofessional asshole!!


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