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PES51 repair - looking for a suitable glue


After 17 years my trusty soldering iron became loose in a typical place (see picture). I'm trying to find a glue that:

1. Heat-resistant to ~200C
2. Bonds well to Bakelite
3. Bonds well to steel
4. Available in the USA

Back in Russia I would use the product called БФ-2, it covers 1-3 but since it's flammable I'm not sure I can send it via mail. It's 98% PF resin, 2% PVB. Does anyone knows about similar product available in the states?

Thank you!


You could wedge a few strands (pulled from standed wire) between the handle and the metal, push the two together snuggly, then cut off the excess. 

Does this fit that description of PV (aka novolak) and PVB ( aka polyvinylbutyral ):  https://www.sbhpp.com/products-applications/catalog/item/fers-t840-40%3Fcategory_id=6.html

I am sure there are others.  Google "formaldehyde resin glues" may find something similar.  They were used widely in wood boat and aircraft 

Edit: As for that repair, your application does not appear to require much strength.  Loctite/Henkel make a line ot adhesives that are sold to keep threaded fasteners from coming apart ("lock tight nuts").  Some are rated for high temperature.  I believe what we called the "green" version will work on engines that get quite hot.


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