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Philips PM 3305 oscilloscope: issues with time base linearity

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My Philips PM 3305 memory scope has an issue with the time sweep linearity in the analog mode.
The beginning of the x deflection is compressed when using the time/div functionality (the internal sweep generator).
In digital mode the linearity is spot on. When I use an external voltage for the horizontal axis it is also reacting perfectly linear.

I've made a video to show the effect.

The service manual has a block diagram, and instructions on how to adjust horizontal deflection and sweep linearity (both attached as pictures).
The most relevent part where it says: "Check that the trace is linear. If neccessary readjust c1409" is not changing the error.

I have the original user manual with simplified block diagram and a pdf service manual from the web with a more detailed block diagram. I do not have the schematic (I asked Fluke, they took over this branch of Philips ).

I know it's a lucky shot: does anyone have experience with a similar situation?

i could not find the fault with the block diagram and service manual instructions.

It seems that all service manuals that are for sale on the internet are from a single source.
They are all missing the schematic pages (I contacted sellers to check for those missing pages, they were missing in the PDFs they are selling too).

I asked Fluke Netherlands if they had it in their archive (Fluke took over Philips labo equipment division). They were so kind to reply, but unfortunately didn't have the schemas.

If any of you have a source for the schematic, that would be great.
I'm particularly interested in the analog timebase generator signal the horizontal sweep).

Look at this, worth a try?


I've re-contacted them for confirmation that the schema is there.. I'll report back if the manual has schematic.

Just like the previous time when I contacted them, I did not receive info if the manual is complete, but an invoice...


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