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Pioneer CDJ 1000MK3 lens replacement...totally stumped

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Hi everyone, i'm having a lot of trouble with replacing a lens for a professional cd player (for DJ's - the Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3) and after scouring the internet for information, i think my last chance is finding some help from a bunch of electronics gurus. Seriously, you guys are kinda my last hope.

This is a somewhat older model (they stopped manufacturing them a few years back) and a few months ago it started having errors after 20-30 minutes of playback (E-8302 - Error during playback). After googling this i found out that it's most likely due to the lens being worn out. I ordered a new lens head, the Amazon store said it was for the CDJ 1000 MK3, but when I received it i noticed minor differences (the pictures on the site were too blurry to tell). By minor differences i mean it has a few extra electronic parts on the circuit board, as you can see in the pictures below (left is original, right is new one).
After installing the new lens head, the CD Player doesn't even start spinning the disc - it just takes it in, waits for a few seconds and then ejects it. My next option is to find out if either the lens itself can be taken out of its housing and moved to the old lens head, or if the circuit board can be in some way modified to match the original (for example by removing some of the components).
Please keep in mind i'm a total noob when it comes to electronics (i can solder a cable but that's about it), but the repair will be done by a friend of mine who was practically born holding a multimeter, so he knows his stuff.

I've uploaded the service manual here - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=05787587552537619489 .
Pics of the unit here -
Pics of the lens head mounted on the transport assembly here - http://www.soundservice.gr/e-shop/en/product.php?products_id=785

Pics of the two lens heads (old one on left, new one on right) with differences highlighted:

This is what the lens itself looks like (no difference between the two heads here):

Well, that's about it, i'd just like to say a major thank you to everyone who bothers to read this thread. If any of you fine gents can help me solve this, i will send tons of karma and kudos your way :)

When you put the old one back in what happens?

It works the same as before, CDs play fine for at least a few minutes. Didn't leave it playing for 30 mins to test if it still generates errors, but since i haven't changed anything else, it probably still does.  :-//

did you remove esd jumpers or was it shipped like that? if the latter than maybe you got shipped returned broken item

I didn't remove anything, except for unsoldering some connections (on the back, near the CD/DVD markings) - my electronics-knowing friend told me they were some sort of protection and they needed to be unsoldered anyway (they're unsoldered on the original). The new lens head isn't missing anything, on the contrary, it has some extra parts (see pictures). Someone on another forum suggested they might be generic parts to be removed as needed - Pioneer makes several models of CDJ (1000 mk1/2/3, 200, 800 mk1/2 etc.) and a DVDJ, so this might be a generic part, with extra parts to be removed/ adjusted as needed...


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