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Interesting video from Veritasium...   Nothing new under the sun, planned obsolescence has been with us for around 100 years...

Clearlly shows you, there are evil people who just care about money, and nothing else...

… vs Poor Design,

For the light bulbs the temperature of the filament effects the lamps lifetime and the efficiency. So while it is possible to make light bulbs that last longer, they would also consume more power or give less light. The 1000 h life time may be a reasonable compromise between the costs for a new bulb every now and than and the costs for the electricity. In later times with the cheap bulbs the 1000 hour bulbs were likely a little on the cold side and a bulb running hotter and lasting only 500 hours may have been more economic.

Getting a standard for the bulb life, made the bulbs more comparable and this way even helped competiotion and consumers. So while they may have had bad intentions - the result was more like a good thing.

Eastern German light bulbs and those from other east European countries lasted 5000 h or longer. Only the West had the cartels to regulate the lifetime of a light bulb. I think this is not a conspiracy anymore and has been proven fact for many years.


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