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Hi!  I will update this post as I get along with pictures and schematics (if needed), but I wanted to throw out a request for help; I am in the process of repairing a PDI 6050A, whose symptoms were negative output, current limit lamp flashing, very small voltage when the voltage is turned all the way to 60V.  I will list a more detail later, but suffice to say that there was a blown internal fuse (on what seems to be on the isolated side of the mains transformer) on the input to the unit, which I replaced. This solved the flashing current limit lamp, but I am still getting a negative voltage on the output.

I have verified that all the transistors and diodes seem to be functional, and have checked that none of the big caps are shorted (I haven't checked all of them yet). I also checked the voltage and current control pots: these seemed a little out, but even when shorted or removed, there was no obvious change on the behaviour.

I am at the point where I need to trace out the circuit, and I wanted to ask if anyone has the schematics for this unit. If not, I will begin reverse engineering the board tonight.

EDIT: robrenz, I saw your post about this; did the manual(s) you bought contain schematics?  For the 6050A?  Thanks!
EDIT: just called manuals plus, and they confirmed that there are schematics for the 6050A, so ORDERED!


Schematic has many test voltage points and has a table of test point voltages when set for 7V, 15V, 25V, and 60V. The manual I got from manuals plus was an original PD not a copy.

Nuts, I forgot to ask them if it was a copy or an original, but at this point I'd be happy with a naked schematic ;)


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