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Powerware Prestige 3000 UPS repair

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Hi guys!

I have Powerware Prestige 3000P3HV double conversion UPS to repair. Pretty old one..
There is an I*R module (see photo) that I can't identify :(
Does anybody know part number and what is that?[attachimg=1][attachimg=1]

Most likely a custom hybrid module, containing several IGBT and/or MOSFETs.

Yes, i think so too. Too much legs for diode bridge and while it sits on heat sink it deals with hight currents.. (2000kw inverter or so)
Wondering if I can find a replacement, but as fas as no part number on it chances to find replacement are low


--- Quote from: MetalHead on December 06, 2022, 02:40:30 pm ---2000kw inverter or so
--- End quote ---
I doubt that. :)

If the module is defective it might be possible with a bit of reverse-engineering to replace it with discrete parts. Might even be able to pop the lid off the hybrid and see the individual dies and internal configuration/wiring.


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