Author Topic: (Solved) Problem charging Samsung Note 10.1 GT N8013 , trouble shooting ideas?  (Read 5727 times)

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(Edit: Solved!)

I need some trouble shooting suggestions on a Samsung Note 10.1 GT N8013 tablet.  My kid got an "open box" new machine off eBay, all is well except it charges very slow.

I made a USB breakout to see what is going on.  The break out is clean USB male (into the charger) straight connection to USB female which in-turn connects to the Samsung USB cable into the machine.  On the V+, I connect male to female via a 0.1ohm shunt to measure current.  The other three lines are pain straight connection from male to female.  The USB female than connects to the regular Samsung USB cable into the machine.

Using the supplied Samsung charger (5v, 2A), it is taking in 85mA.  The charger looks new and unused.
Tried three different regulated wall-wart and connect that to my USB break out (which then connects to the Samsung USB cable to the tablet), it takes in 84-85mA.
Tried an adjustable CC/CV board, it takes in 84-85mA.
Connected it to a PC (powered down but this PC continues to provide USB power), again, 84-85mA.

Unless it is meter over-shoot, I see that right at the start, it takes in more current for fractions of a second then drop to 85mA.  If I "pulse it" a bit by quick connect/disconnect (by fiddling with the gator clip on the shunt to break/reconnect the power), it took in 200-300mA but the X over the icon said it is not charging while my shunt is telling me over 200mA is going through the shunt (varies on different tries, once it took in 400mA-ish).

At this time, since different 5V supply were tried, I think the charger is ok but the fault is either the cable or the tablet.

I am thinking IF I can get a new cable locally, I can try that and see if any it makes a difference.  If it is not available locally, I don't have enough time to mail order one since if I must return the machine, I must act within a week or so.

Any ideas on other things to test?


EDIT: I was able to locate a store locally (I had my concern if I can find one).  Turns out to be the USB cable.  The Samsung cable it came with doesn't work.  Using the Samsung 2A charger and after market cable, it is charging at 1.7Amp instead of 84mA.

On a side note, when using non-Samsung charger like a plain wall-wart, shorting the D+/D- doesn't work.  D+ and D- both measures 1.2V during charge.  On a quick test, tie them together at 1.2volt does not seem to trigger charge either.  Perhaps I will experiment more with that.
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Hi Rick,

Some tablets require the two data lines to be shorted to charge at "high speed".

Does this have the original Samsung cable and charger with it?

Just a thought...

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Just noticed this isn't Micro USB - ignore me.

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