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problem dimming led with EUROLITE EDX4RT


Hello, I'm tryin to use this EUROLITE EDX4RT with led light, but with dmx signal at 0, lights remain still a little bit on; at about 30% they start flickering. Seems that someone opened it yet ( 2 Triac BTA16, 2 Triac BTA139). Can u guys suggest something?( I can't put an incandescent lamp to solve this situation)

video: https://files.fm/f/utg33j78d

So I see the unit is rated 1150 W per channel, max. 3680 W total. What LED unit or whatever it is called, do you have connected up ? Is there some minimum load the Eurolite is expecting, and putting out too much power for your lights to be "off" ?

Is it a new Eurolite? Did it work right before or with other LED units ?


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