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Haven't had too much chance to start hacking this yet, but laid my hands on this interesting LED sign.
Full RGB, and really bright. 

40A 5V PSU
Main CPU board
LED driver boards (x3)
Interface board between CPU board and the LED driver boards

However, I have no instructions, none of the custom software to program it.  Anyone with a bright idea, or that might have come across one of these please speak up

It would make a great teardown for Dave, but would cost me a small fortune to send to him.

(see attachments for photos)

With all that ram and flash it's probably running Linux. There might be a serial console port out header somewhere. It would be 115200 8n1 rs232

There is no way I'd be junking or tearing that apart just yet.
The name Neurizon Pty Ltd says it's an Australian design, and being only ~12 years old - probably has a good chance of being brought back to life.

As indicated as a 'gaming' product, also suggests it could be related to casino style gaming - with lots of blinkenlights.  AU has a well developed gaming technology industry.

The display boards are apparently very predictable, with per-matrix shift-decoder/drivers.
The controller is very 'advanced' for a lowly display controller - so there's a lot to explore!
Keep on hacking!

Some references
NEURIZON PTY LTD (Suite 4, 23 Overlord Place Acacia Ridge, QLD 4110, AU)
Johnson, Steven Brian (Suite 4, 23 Overlord Place Acacia Ridge, QLD 4110, AU)

 45 Jijaws Street (Unit 4) QLD, 4074, AU


An interesting legal tussle - the casino group copied the gaming technology developed by Neurizon, and lost in court, but appealed and it dragged on.  There must be some remnants of the hardware/controller IP floating about.

The unit you have - appears to be one node of a distributed gaming system - so it likely has some anti-tamper technology implemented.

If you can't get an early answers on the whole device - it's probably worth trying to get schematics from the rubble... maybe a port of their proprietary Linux if they'll allow it.  Sorry no gaming code!

Well it's got ethernet and RS232 so I'd probably attach it to a network and look for traffic with Wireshark to see if it's broadcasting anything, ARP, DHCP etc.


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